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1 Real Numbers, Real Axis, inequalities, absolute value, Cartesian coordinates, graph an equation or inequality Lecture Notes
2 Functions, Functions Chart, Single and Dual Functions, Composite Functions, Partial Functions Lecture Notes
3 Trigonometric functions, Addition Formulas, Sine and Cosine Rule Lecture Notes
4 Informal definition of Limit, Limit of a Function, Limit Rules, One-Sided Limits Lecture Notes
5 Limit of polynomial and rational functions, Infinity Limit, Limit at infinity Lecture Notes
6 Continuity at a point, right and left continuity, Continuity at an interval, Continuous Functions Lecture Notes
7 Derivatives, Tangent Line and Instant Speed Problem, Rate of Change of a Function Lecture Notes
8 Mid-Term Exam Exam
9 Power Rule, Other Derivative Rules, Derivatives of composite functions, Chain rule Lecture Notes
10 Implicit Differentiation, Higher Order Derivatives, Higher Order Derivatives of Implicit Functions Lecture Notes
11 One-to-One Functions, Inverse Functions, Inverse Functions Properties, Inverse trigonometric functions Lecture Notes
12 Exponential Function, Exponential Function Rules, Logarithm function, Logarithm rules, Exponential and Logarithm Functions Derivatives, Logarithmic derivative Lecture Notes
13 Hyperbolic Functions, Inverse Hyperbolic Functions, Increasing and Decreasing Functions, Extreme Values of a Function Lecture Notes
14 First Derivative Test, Second Derivative Test, Concavity of a function, Inflection Points, Oblique asymptote, Graph Drawing Lecture Notes
15 Maximum and Minimum Problems, Indeterminate Forms, Hospital Rule Lecture Notes
16-17 Final Exam Exam

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1. STEWART, J., Kalkülüs Diferansiyel ve İntegral Hesap Kavram ve Kapsam. Türkiye Bilimler Akademisi, Ankara, 990 s.