Course Content
WeekTopicsStudy Materials _ocw_rs_drs_yontem
1 General information about computer aided drawing, introduction to AutoCAD software, installation and running Lecture Notes
2 Autocad display settings, file menu, drawing aids, coordinate systems Lecture Notes
3 Basic drawing comments (line, construction line, mline, circle, arc) Lecture Notes
4 Basic drawing comments (rectangle, polyline, polygone, ellipse, spline) Lecture Notes
5 Modification commands (trim, offset, erase, move, copy) Lecture Notes
6 Modification commands (array, scale, extend, lengthen, fillet, chamfer) Lecture Notes
7 Text and zoom commands Lecture Notes
8 Midterm exam Exam
9 Dimension commands, rules and applications Lecture Notes
10 Dimension settings and applications Lecture Notes
11 Block commands and application Lecture Notes
12 Hatch commands and application Lecture Notes
13 Layers and application Lecture Notes
14 Plot, plot settings, calculations, drawing settings Lecture Notes
15 Project drawing and application Lecture Notes
16-17 Final exam Exam

Recommended or Required Reading
Additional Resources
Murat Can, 2011, Autocad, Akademisyen yayınları, Rize. Kadir Gök, 2011. Autocad 2011, Seçkin yayınları,Ankara.7. Kalameja AJ, 1992.