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1 The importance of drilling engineering applications, development and history. Literature review
2 Drilling main operations; excavation unloading, handling and power transfer. Drilling depth, hole diameter and the classification according to their purposes. Literatüre review
3 The classification of drilling according to the methods; percussion drilling. Literature review
4 Principles of rotary drilling,the elements of drilling, transportation and circulation of an array Literature review
5 Drilling fluids, straight and reverse circulation drilling, pneumatic, rotary and turbo test hill Literature review
6 Rotary drilling tools, drills, reamers and aids. Literature review
7 Classification and identification of rock and soil in geological engineering studies. Literature review
8 Mid-term exam Exam Preparation Testing
9 The planning of geotechnical aimed drilling , data collection.Construction drilling and geotechnical investigation. Literature review
10 The experiments in basic drillings and the bearing capacity of shallow foundations with SPT and CPT experiments. Literature review
11 Mining drillings and machinery underground excavation. Literature review
12 Water well drilling, design, piping, insulation, gravelling, washing, development and water efficiency tests Literature review
13 Injection drilling and injection operations Literature review
14 The capacity of drilling equipment . Literature review
15 Drilling work efficiency and difficulties (circulatory disorders, collapse, swelling, melting, vertical deviation) Literatüre review
16-17 Final Exam Preparation

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