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1 Active fault concept reading
2 Criteria to determine the active faults reading
3 Types of earthquakes, active fault zones, and the main earthquake zones in Turkey reading
4 Earthquake mechanisms and their properties reading
5 Types of seismic vawes and its deformation reading
6 Physical processes that occur during an earthquake reading
7 Determining of focal points and seismic sources using earthqukae waves reading
8 Mid-Term Exam Mid-term exam Preparation
9 Types of structural damage caused by earthquakes reading
10 Assessment of damage occurred in buildings reading
11 Preparing and understanding of intencity maps reading
12 Geotechnical probems occured in active fault zones reading
13 Engineering damages that occurred during and after the earthquake reading
14 Analogy of liquefaction reading
15 Types of liquefaction and its effects reading
16-17 Term Exams Final exam Preparation

Recommended or Required Reading
Additional Resources
Yeats, R.S., Sieh, K. and Allen, C.R., (2006), Earthquake Geology, 567, Gazi Kitapevi, (Trnslt: Demirtaş, R ve Kayabalı, K.). Day, W.D., (2004), Geoteknikal Earthquake Engineering Handbook, 600, Gazi Kitapevi, (Trnslt: Mollamahmutoğlu, M. ve Kayabalı, K).