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1 Introduction and General Definitons-1 Reading
2 Introduction and General Definitons-2 Reading
3 Features of a magma-1 Reading
4 Features of a magma-2 Reading
5 Definition of a volcano-1 Reading
6 Definition of a volcano-2 Reading
7 Lava Flows Reading
8 Midterm Exam Study about the lecture notes
9 Pyroclastic Fall Deposits-1 Reading
10 Pyroclastic Fall Deposits-2 Reading
11 Epiclastic deposits-1 Reading
12 Epiclastic deposits-2 Reading
13 Types of Volcanic Eruptions Reading
14 Volcanoclastic Processes Reading
15 Delihalil Volcano and its features Reading
16-17 Final Exam Study about the lecture notes

Recommended or Required Reading
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