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1 Some Basic Definitions Book Chapter 1
2 Substance and Mixtures Book Chapter 2
3 Physical and Chemical Propert Book Chapter 2
4 Atoms, Molecules and Ions Book Chapter 1
5 Chemical Elements and Periodic Table Ders Kitabı Konu 3
6 Atomic number, mass and isotopes Lecture Notes
7 Molecular Mass Lecture Notes
8 Mid-Term Exam Lecture Note
9 Molecular and empirical formula Lecture Notes
10 Inorganic Compounds Lecture Notes
11 Chemical equations and reactions Lecture Notes
12 Concentration of solution Lecture Notes
13 Dilution of solution Lecture Notes
14 Acid Base Titration Lecture Notes
15 Acid Base Titration Lecture Notes
16-17 Term Exams Lecture Notes and Book Chapter 1,2,3

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