Fashion design is one of the important sectors in the cultural economy that creates added value by combining design and manufacturing activities that are interwoven with textiles and clothing sectors. Today, the clothing sector is one of the important sectors of the world's many countries and Turkey's economy. If you calculate the raw material price of a garment taken with very large amounts of money, you will see that it is not even one percent of the sales price of the garment. This, in turn, demonstrates how well you shape the material and how much your design power contributes to the development of the country's economy. The field of art design drawing is the area where clothing design finds the farthest point of imagination boundaries that the widest horizons pose. Turkey's ability to increase its market share in the textile sector depends on its strong and dynamic design power. Artistic drawing is the most beautiful way of exhibiting the designed garments. The purpose of the moda design education is to train individuals who are open, creative, qualified, producing and using information. Fashion design, which has wide business opportunities, is attracting great interest because it is also advantageous in terms of profits. Employees in this area can be employed in the design departments, fashion houses and boutiques of companies that produce apparel, as well as open their own workplaces. The knowledge and skills acquired in this program can be used in underwear, home furnishings and decorative areas in the production of men, women and children clothing in the apparel industry.


In fashion design, which is getting more and more important every day in an increasingly competitive environment, it will help to establish product and product relations by developing the most general and basic concepts of art such as line, form, form, ratio / proportion, color and texture which enable students to develop their personal qualities and abilities. The aim of this course is to educate the potential staff who will be able to make artistic drawings that will enable them to develop original suggestions and to close the gap of qualified intermediate human power needed by the sector in such fields by providing mold designing and model development and using cad glass systems.