Specific Arrangements for RPL:

Transfer Students:
The transfer student candidates from Turkish or foreign universities are subject to the YOK Legislation The transfer, double degree, minor degree and inter institutional credit transfer and to the evaluation conditions determined by Cukurova University Senate. The transfer quotas are determined and announced by Turkish Higher Education Council (YOK). The evaluation of the candidates are done by the school evaluation commmisin and approved by the management.
The Graduate Transfers:
The short cycle graduates are given the right to be admitted to the first cycle programs if they comply with the conditions set by the The transfer of Short Cycle Program Graduates to First Cycle Programs Legilation of Turkish Higher Education Council (YOK) The universities inform YOK regarding the quotas and YOK announces the quotas and conditions in Graduate Transfer Guide and the placements are managed by YOK due to the results of nationwide graduate transfer exam. According to the Regulations of Cukurova University for Graduate Schools, students are not connected to the right for internal transfer, previously taken courses at another graduate programme by another university with a successful grade may be recognized by the related programmes after the letter of the students includes course contents and the transcript, and by the recommendation of the head of the departments and by the decision of the Board of Directors. The courses taken by the outgoing.
Exchange students have the recognition at the school either as compulsory or elective.