About Of Programme

Students who complete the Accounting and Tax Applications training qualify for "Associate Degree Diploma". Accounting professional; is a person who is affiliated to a business or who performs a business of self-accountancy on his behalf or contributes to the accounting management of public institutions and organizations. Our graduates who want to get into business life immediately can find jobs as accounting staff in banking, insurance companies and tourism, construction and industrial enterprises as assistant employees in public accountants and certified public accountants' branches.
Programme ISCED Code

344:Accounting and Tax
Programme Credits

120 ECTS credits
Programın Lenght

four semesters
Program Discriptions and Details

In the public sector and private sector businesses, the professional staff who can carry out the service, production and activities in an efficient manner and who have the accounting legislation and can carry out the computerized accounting as well as the theoretical information can easily find jobs in public sector and private sector. Students who graduate from Accounting and Tax Applications program are working as assistant staff members in Certified Public Accountants and Certified Public Accountants. In addition, graduates, banks, insurance companies and tourism, construction and industrial enterprises, accounting staff are working. They can work in accounting departments of all kinds of public institutions and corporations, banks, insurance companies, international businesses, accounting and finance departments of all kinds of private enterprises, relevant departments of foreign trade and finance institutions and accounting services of commercial enterprises. They can work in various departments of the Ministry of Finance and especially in tax offices.
Program Type

Formal education