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Program Learning Outcomes

Theoretical, Factual

- Tourism and travel services with the basic concepts and principles of the field that understand how their activities See new developments and technologies in the field of tourism and travel services, and understand the importance of these How to recogni

- Learn the tourism sector services involving public sector also has specific sensitivities and understand their behavior patterns related to these sensitivities.   Tour operator and understand the intricacies of technical and operation issues.  It captur


Cognitive, Practical

- Understanding of the importance of lifelong learning, scientific and technological advances constantly improve yourself by watching, tracking global issues to be conscious individuals.


Ability to work independently and take responsibility

- Recognizes the valuable documents and books used in commercial life and work according to proper procedures and principles of the legislation. Office layout and personnel management, public relations, communications and make the necessary skills related

Learning Competence

- Civil liability in the field of tourism and travel, and will have information about legislation

Communication and Social Competence

- Face to face communication, effective communication and features have gained power to persuade.

Field-based Competence

- Understand how it works at all levels of the travel process.