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Students are directed to the business association with the universities, non-governmental organizations, businesses related to Radio-TV Programming department, occupational chambers and professional staff in the educational activities, employment opportunities and planning issues required by the program. The sector of radio-TV technologies is in a continuous and dynamic development with the reason of rapidly changing market and competition conditions at global level. With these characteristics, the radio-TV technology sector attracts close attention of the countries as a strategic industry and special plans are made by the states for this sector. Particularly in a rapidly globalizing business environment, competition is gaining in intensity and industrialized countries are implementing special policies for the protection of this sector and the development of competition power.
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Cukurova University Adana Vocational School of Audiovisual and Media Productions, Radio and Television Programming Program, radio and television producers and servers who can work in teams, can make independent decisions, can solve problems and take responsibility and have basic knowledge and skills required by profession. may be raised.
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