At all levels of public and private enterprises to provide management support to the managers located, Objectives of the Company and will help achieve their goals in the points, Office to carry out management operations, The technical and scientific methods of human-machine interaction of various office equipment and supplies, movement analysis, to ensure the efficient use of the concept of integrating the business survey data, You will share this information with work colleagues, Interoffice will provide external communication, Office within the authority to use their savings on management decision making at the point of combining responsibilities, Meetings, travel, appointments to carry out the organization, the manager responsible for all tasks relating to the management of activities, Executive Assistant to the management team is in place which aims to educate.


The vision of the Office of Management and Executive Assistance Program; The work represented will be responsible for everything , will not call the manager who has a hardware , globalization and greatly changed depending on the digitalization of the developing world in renewing itself, followers and practitioners of information technology, public / need the services of the private sector to provide knowledgeable and know about Modern Office Management that assistant manager of the importance and indispensability of which can be applied to further increase, it is to ensure the modernization program with compliance with the world standards. Also on the program, in the framework of requirements of the era of continuous learning and work as part of a growing organization and in this direction , our country needs trained heard and to fill the skilled labor gap is to progress in philosophy to train qualified people in appropriate quality and nature of the requirements of the age.