About Of Programme

The main purpose of the Program of Local Authorities; Municipalities, Special Provincial Administrations, village legal entity, other public institutions and organizations with talent to work effectively and efficiently the private sector, knowledge accumulation, which can be transferred to obtain that information in business life, the ability to analyze, can produce creative ideas is to educate effective and quality interposer . Local Government Program, a two-year training following high school education. Programah year about 50 students are admitted. Students in fields related professions covering 30 business days to complete an internship is mandatory. Students will take all the required courses in the program and must pass. Required courses as well as I, II., III. and IV. Selectivity are required to take courses in the semester. To graduate students, it is a prerequisite to have a minimum 2.00 grade point average.
Programme ISCED Code

Programme Credits

120 ECTS
Programın Lenght

2 years
Program Discriptions and Details

The Local Governments Program was established with the aim of supporting the formation of democratic, transparent and participatory governments and educating the public to provide effective services and accelerating regional developments by institutionalizing local and local governments at the country level and providing students with basic economics, , business, foreign language, computer courses, as well as lectures on occupation such as urbanization, political science, local governments, public finance. This course, which is taken while the theoretical and current topics are being processed together in computer laboratories and projected classes, is also practically supported with the internships in municipalities, special provincial administrations, governorships and district governorships.
Program Type

Full Time - Regular Education