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Program Learning Outcomes

Theoretical, Factual

- o Having information about indications of oxygen theraphy and equipments

- Having information about medicine within their competence of mission, authority and responsibility and medicine administration technics

- Having information about structurel and functional human body, proper for medical terminology

- Having information about scene, sick/ victim and personal safety measure and sick/ victim transport equipments and proper transport tecnics.


Cognitive, Practical

- o Can insert endotrakeal intubation when indicated

- o Can explain the sick/ victims condition by physical examination and other diagnositc methods

- o To prevent from occupational accidents, can perform proper body mechanic technics

- o Can perform advanced life support steps when indicated

- o Can perform bleeding control with proper equipment

- o Can drive ambulance and care it.

- o Can use automated and manual externally defibrillation

- o Can use proper equipments when immobilization of sick/ victim is needed

- Can perform basic life support steps and methods

- o Can run triage and triage technics in multiple injuries or disasters


Ability to work independently and take responsibility

- o Can take responsibility as individually and as a member of team about solving problems of victims

Learning Competence

- o Can analyse datas by critical approach when reached to domain spesific knowledge taken into consideration

Communication and Social Competence

- o Can cooperate with team members and other fonundations

- o Can use information and communication technology and at least one foreign language as needed for communication and data transfer

- o Can communicate to command control center, other foundations and sick/ sicks´´ relatives by using proper technics and methods

Field-based Competence

- o Can monitor results of changing environment and technologic advancement and analise these conditions´´ domain spesific dynamics