Since the past centuries, people have used plants as a source of nutrition for therapeutic purposes. The necessity of herbal medicines due to its wide usage areas is getting more and more everyday. This interest has diminished over time as natural compounds, which plants contain by the development of the chemical industry, are synthetically produced at a lower cost. However, the adverse effects of synthetics today have brought the interest of herbal remedies to the agenda again. While this need can be met by natural gathering in the previous years, the gathering of intensive and unconscious collecting has resulted in the risk of disappearance of certain species, and it has been realized that the qualities obtained in the collected plants and the active substances obtained therefrom are not standard. For this reason, it is aimed to teach the cultivation conditions of these plants in the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Program.


The objectives of the program are; to increase the sustainability of flora of medicinal and aromatic plants grown naturally in our country by providing cultures of medicinal and aromatic plants, to learn the active ingredients to be used in these plants and to provide quality and standard in these substances. Students who are educated with this awareness will be able to find important positions in the training and evaluation of these plants since they will have the equipment to reach these targets when they graduate.