About Of Programme

In the Program of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants; There are two teaching staff in the Medical and Aromatic Plants Program, one associate professor and one doctorate. The main aim of the program is; to equip the students with up-to-date information on the training of medicinal and aromatic plants and to give them the ability to transfer this information to practice. The department has a greenhouse of 200m2 with a research area of ??3 da used for educational purposes.
Programme ISCED Code

Programme Credits

120 ECTS
Programın Lenght

2 years
Program Discriptions and Details

The Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Program has been tasked with carrying out practical production studies in addition to theoretical knowledge production with the associate degree courses given to the students and the graduation work done by them. Especially, medical and aromatic plants that can be grown in climatic and soil conditions of the region and its main purposes are applied researches on cultivation techniques of these plants. In the context of integrating practice and education, by developing a unique professional understanding in the fields of lifelong learning and service delivery, it is aimed to educate the students in the fields of agriculture and especially aromatic and aromatic plants, to be responsible and environmentally sensitive, to educate well-trained agriculture technicians with the knowledge, equipment, skills and skills that they can meet their needs.
Program Type

This programme is a Full Time programme.