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Technological developments have affected the business life as well as the individual lives. Competition has widened as competition has changed and opportunities have increased. Firms are not content with having trained staff in every sense in order to compete, but they resort to their work and their products in ways that are more massive and more effective. This has led to the emergence of concepts such as advertising, promotion, and promotion. The need for effective promotions and advertising has brought with it the need for skilled trained personnel. For this reason, the elements trained in areas such as graphic design, web design and animation have become indispensable building blocks of the industry in this age of developing and changing technology.
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2 yıl
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Designed and Animated field is able to follow the developments, is equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the needs of the industry sector, and has the ability to produce solutions to problems related to the field is to produce solid characters. Level 5 is an associate degree program aimed at acquiring vocational and academic qualifications.
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