Qualification Awarded:

Successfully complete the training of technicians and associate´s degree and Underwater Decompression Chamber Operator (25 sessions following the pressure chamber internship) given the title.

Qualification Requirements and Regulations:

ÇÜ. Follow the instruction given in the program of the College of Yumurtalık Vocational education has been successful in all courses, Workplace Training (80 working days and dive to the bottom 55 Workplace Practicum Training) studies have been successful, completed the necessary credits (120 AKTS) for graduation, weighted GPA of at least 50 level (At least on a 4.00 scale 2.00), and removed the Education and Examination Regulation Bachelor of Mustafa Kemal University, the student has completed all the work, education is considered completed and given to him Underwater Technology associate degree program.
Level of Qualification:

Associate degree