Specific Admission Requirements:

Students who register with the department, the university’s academic and judicial laws, student selection and placement center (ÖSYM) processes are determined by the complete, exams must be managed. Started equivalent departments in Turkey or abroad can apply for transfer to a student. Students begin the adoption period, taking into consideration each student’s requirements and application are examined and their degrees will be treated. Further information is available about the University Presentation to the University Catalog. Limits, determined by an agreement approved by the University under the domestic or foreign student exchange programs, students may take classes given in Turkish section.
Girebilseler Students in our program, although horizontal transfer, or quota, the following should be able to land and water movements without difficulty. Registration for the future of all students, university faculties of medicine Underwater Medicine and Hyperbaric Medicine, Hyperbaric Medicine Department, or special Centres, diving qualifications are required to report.

Students who qualify to enter the program, your own personal diving materials (Mask, fins, snorkels, buoyancy jacket-BC, regulator, booties, weight belt) until the end of the first period they are required to continue education. Every year, during spring training trip to the Mediterranean coast Club organized a dive. Students contribute to the cost of this gezilerdeki accommodation and boat-diving. Children entering our program, in particular, must take into account these issues.

The scope of the land and water movement is as follows:
a. Basic black movements:
(1) Team splashes
(2) Examination
(3) Ab
(4) Pallet pounding
(5) floor truss
(6) Pull-tensile (pull-up)

b. Water movement:
(1) Free swimming (300 meters maximum 12 minutes)
(2) remain on the water without using hands
(3) feet remain on the water using the
(4) 3-5 meter dive mask subtraction apeak

All told, all the students who earned the right to register for exams by completing Although there are risks that may occur during training, "Acceptance of Risks and Exemption Certificate" will be prompted to sign.