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Cukurova University Vocational School of Yumurtalık Underwater Technology Program, especially the underwater construction, repair of water is taken for ships to land, survey work, underwater search and rescue operations, and communication lines underwater pipe laying, maintenance and repair of underwater pipelines, using pressure chambers, diving projects development, diving sea trade firms dealing with the needs of organizations, units, aims to educate their staff.

Underwater Technology program students, basic engineering courses, as well as underwater Materials Science, Underwater Cutting and Welding, Technical Drawing, Physics of Diving, Marine Biology, Health Diving, Advanced Diving Techniques, Basic Scuba, Diving Systems, SCUBA diving, underwater archeology, industrial diving, Rescue diving, hyperbaric systems and Treatments, Mixed Gas diving, Maritime, Underwater explosives and insidious Fields, Underwater Film and Photography, Underwater Tourism, Underwater Structures and Consultancy, Underwater Projects, Diving Regulations, effective education program, follow the navigation issues.
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120 AKTS
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Fast-growing maritime sector throughout the world, based on underwater diving activities for the science and technology, using the outputs produced, and equipped with the skills necessary to transfer them to practice with the ability to analyze and synthesize, to train qualified and professionally competent technicians.
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Face to face