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Program Learning Outcomes

Theoretical, Factual

- To be a full on computer equipment and information processing technologies.

- Knowing the latest technologies and be able to relate to other disciplines.

- To have adequate level of knowledge in the field.


Cognitive, Practical

- Related to the field of teaching strategies , methods and be able to have enough knowledge about techniques.

- To establish good communication with colleagues and the environment.

- To take responsibility in individual and group work

- To have the self- regulation skills

- Specializing in the computer field , thanks to a rational solution to the problem-solving skills and provides quick access .

- Information in the field of information processing queries using scientific methods.

- Well-equipped and efficiently bring solutions to computer problems.

- Following new technological developments , apply modern methods and techniques


Ability to work independently and take responsibility

- In the solution of problems related to the field to take responsibility as individuals and team members .

Learning Competence

- Have the lifelong learning.

Communication and Social Competence

- knowledge and skills in the field , had identified the problems and share solutions with expert and non-expert person through verbal and written communication proposals.

- Use of information and communication technologies effectively.

- Use sufficient to monitor developments in the computer field.

- Scientific development as well as professional development for individual , social, cultural and develops itself continuously in accordance with the requirements of education in sports.

Field-based Competence

- Education will have the national and universal sentiment expressed in the Basic Law .

- Democracy, human rights, social , scientific and act in accordance with professional ethics.