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To prepare the students for successful career of hunting and wildlife professionals and to serve as the person who provides the coordination between the personnel in various institutions and organizations, to determine the problems in Hunting and Wildlife sector, to develop new technologies and to follow developments in the area and to gain the ability to conduct research.
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120 ECTS
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Forestry Department Hunting and Wildlife program; Zoology, Land Camping Techniques, Wild Plant Systems, General Ecology and Meteorology Is a higher education unit that provides associate degree education on forestry information, hunting tools and methods, wildlife and fire, nature and hunting tourism, forestry management, wildlife and forestry, production of wild animals, birds. Our students are obliged to take in-field elective courses at a rate that constitutes twenty-five percent of the curriculum with a total of 120 ECTS. Our applied courses and internship activities are carried out in the forests within the boundaries of the Pos Forest Business, as well as our school laboratories.
Program Type

Full time