The purpose of the electricity program is to train graduates who will meet the need of qualified technical staff equipped with the knowledge and skills that businesses need to meet the needs of the global world. Within this scope, theoretical knowledge and practical applications are given to the students to educate the students according to the needs of the industry.


To educate individuals who can interpret, evaluate, identify problems, implement professional plans and projects and develop solution propositions using basic knowledge and skills acquired in the field with sufficient background in matters related to scientific and mathematical and numerical and applied fields. To train individuals who can produce solutions to unforeseen problems encountered in applications related to electric field, take responsibility in working groups or have ability to work individually, communicate effectively and follow the innovations in the field. Programmable with intelligent relay systems that can perform basic analysis and design on electrical circuits, electrical facilities and automation systems, use electrical modules, can design electrical systems, design and simulation of control systems, To train individuals who are able to recognize and use controllers (PLCs), select suitable electric motors and motor drivers when driving mechanical systems, and produce solutions in special electrical fields. To educate individuals who are respectful of historical and social values, have social responsibility, universal, social and professional ethical consciousness, awareness of necessity of lifelong learning, follow the developments in science and technology and constantly renew themselves. To educate individuals who have job security, worker health and environmental protection knowledge and consciousness and follow up work done in the industry and service sector on site and have practical skills for their profession.