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This program of the higher -level electrical engineer electrical engineer in close contact with the industry role is intended to be grown . Students with basic electricity in this program , electric hand skills , measurement, electrical supplies, building of electrical machinery and control, integrated projects , electrical energy usage, control systems, power electronics applications and computer use are given theoretical and practical training in the subject . Laboratory basic electrical concepts in these experiments our students , promotion of electronic components, construction of electrical machines , the dismissal of the characteristics , control and remote controlled electric motors , measurement, programmable are applied should be trained in logic control.
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120 AKTS
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It is given theoretical and practical training in the electrical program. This allows students to strengthen both theoretical background and is intended to be knowledgeable about both applications . Fault finding , problem solving, decision making and process and function is aimed to train technicians have the ability to do the electrical planning
Program Type

Full-time education.