About Of Programme

The purpose of Electronic Technology Program is to train skilled technicians in the Field of Control and Automation. Generally, the basic electrical - electronics and industry-based courses include the electronic components of electronic circuits, current-voltage relations and ındustrial applications.
Programme ISCED Code

Programme Credits

120 ECTS
Programın Lenght

2 year
Program Discriptions and Details

In the first class of the program circuit components ,features of connections and circuit analysis courses are studied .In the second class the characteristics of process amplifiers and circuit applications,Connection programming of Micro-processorsand Controllers,circuit designs and automation systems are studied. After giving the theory in the lessons these theories and methods of application fields of industries are shown. The scope of these applications includes ; Circuit Analysis and Design , Operational Amplifiers and their application , automatic control and PLC , Microprocessors - Microcontrollers and Programming subjects.
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