Qualification Awarded:

Graduating students in associate degree program given to the machine. When 1.Students graduate course and module showing qualifications gained in the training period is specified in the diploma supplement. 2.Students is separate from program completion; qualifications gained in the training period, a certificate showing the courses and modules. The vocational qualifications gained in my 3.Progra; career development in business, when considered in the certification program and asked to switch to other programs. 4. Students who have graduated from this department will have to Mechanical Technician degree.

Qualification Requirements and Regulations:

Machinery and Metal Technology is a graduate of the program Mechanical Technician title to take students to obtain a degree associate degree must take the compulsory and elective courses (total 120 ETCS) all successfully complete 30 working days based industries to complete the teaching work and the 4.00 overall grade point averageIt must be less than 2.0.
Level of Qualification:

Associate Degree