About Of Programme

Assimilate concepts and principles related to its laboratory, which is necessary to produce the needed metal products industry and recognition of the machinery and equipment, usage and with operating Ability, preparation work, including the quality assurance in the metals business, technical staff qualified to take part in the design and production units are grown.
Programme ISCED Code

521: Machinery and Metal Technology
Programme Credits

120 AKTS
Programın Lenght

2 years
Program Discriptions and Details

The educational purpose machines Schedule: Present the industrial sector, according to their production technology and increased aware- ness is an industrial organizations have completed their own purposes. Carry on the development of integrity in its chosen target output format, complete with the views put forward. Working with the industry order to reach the highest point of the competitiveness and technological development in this area aims to quite get them in-house. Elements will work in the industry that can use the appropriate computer program, capable of recognizing machines used in the industry, which can produce products with them; Occupational health and safety rules that apply in working life. Which can follow the latest developments related to the profession, the aim is to bring the necessary equipment with Mechanical Technician program. Which makes it indispensable place of trained manpower in production thing is education and skills. There is a close relationship between level of education and productivity. Education level increases productivity increases and quality increases.
Program Type

Full-time education.