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1 Explanation of the activities and functioning of the course presentation. -
2 Preliminary definitions and assumptions common description of the project -
3 Sufficient relevant information about the project envisaged the replacement -
4 Appropriate materials needed for projects related to the prescribed disclosure of information -
5 The Project is envisaged as a solution to the current techniques and safety measures -
6 The Project is envisaged to support a range of reasons and information show -
7 Envisaged for the project to be added where necessary to prepare for the working file -
8 Midterm Exam -
9 Defining the organization of project work -
10 Select appropriate materials and components to the proposed regulation project -
11 Project to analyze the costs of preparing accurate project files and project approval -
12 The construction of the project -
13 The construction of the project -
14 The construction of the project -
15 Written and verbal presentation of graphical images -
16-17 Final Exam -

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