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1 Basic working principle of a Fax Device -
2 Station and Mobile Data Transfer Technology Systems BRI and PRI ISDN Line features -
3 XDSL, Symmetric and Asymmetric DSL Lines data transfer, a DSL modem setup parameters -
4 The first generation analog networks AMPS, NMT, TACS and the history of GSM System -
5 Second generation digital networks GSM 900.1800, 1900, TDMA, CDMA,FDMA Spectrum Measurements -
6 Thirth generation networks UMTS Spectrum Measurements -
7 GSM network elements, and GSM network architecture -
8 Exam -
9 GPRS Mobile Data Transfer System Requirements and System design -
10 Short Distance Wireless Communication Technologies WLAN,Bluetooth,NFC -
11 CDMA Technics 3.G and 4G Technologies UMTS-HSPA/ LTE WIMAX -
12 Virtual Mobile Network Operator MVNO,Tetra -
13 STM, ATM, SDH Synchronous Digital Hierarchy, TINA, APCO25 -
14 Navigation Technologies, GNSS Global Navigation Satellite Systems -
15 GPS and other satellite navigation system Galileo GLONASS, SBAS, etc. -
16-17 Final Exam -

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