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1 Definition purpose of occupational health n safety, the importance, historical development n safety: development in the World, development in Türkiye: Ottoman period, the period of the Grand National Assembly Lecture notes
2 Historical development of the Republican period n after, current developments, the situation in our country Lecture notes
3 Definition of accident n occupational accident, accident types, occupational diseases, the measure of accidents n the formation theories, diseases of occupational healt n safety, how it can be prevented Lecture notes
4 Formation theories of occupational accidents, engineering work, persuasion n encouragement, education, provision of personal compatibility, the implementation of disciplinary actions Lecture notes
5 The organization of occupational safety, occupational safety personnel duties, conducting service in occupational safety, occupational safety related to the engineers or technical staff, occupational medicine, occupational safety committee, safety experts n physicians working time workplace Lecture notes
6 Notification of occupational accidents, occupational accident investigation, recording of work-related accidents, work accidents, liability, defect detection rate Lecture notes
7 ffectiveness of occupational health and safety control measures, the implementation of measures, documentation and storage requirement Lecture notes
8 Midterm Exam
9 The cost of occupational accidents and occupational diseases Lecture notes
10 The cost of occupational accidents and occupational diseases Lecture notes
11 Occupational health and safety measures to be taken: measures, planning, risk assessment, measures to be agreed Lecture notes
12 Occupational health and safety purpose of the audit, the audit, inspection board business, board president of business functions and powers of inspection, labor inspectors, labor inspection institutions authorized in other Lecture notes
13 Personal protection and their importance of the using Lecture notes
14 General and the legal definition of occupational disease, the legal responsibilities Lecture notes
15 Causes of occupational disease and technical measures that can be taken Lecture notes
16-17 Final Exam

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