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1 Classification of field crops, agricultural and economic importance. Source:1 Page: 41
2 Ecological wishes of field crops. Page: 13
3 Physiology of growth and development Page: 27
4 Pollination and fertilization biology Page: 35
5 Field farming systems and application areas in Turkey. Page: 46
6 Classification of horticultural crops, agricultural and economic importance. Source:2 Page:1
7 Physiology of growth and development, Pollination and fertilization biology, flower and fruit formation Page: 2-26
8 Midterm exams Question-answer
9 Replicated of Garden Plants, vegetative and generative reproduction. Page:123
10 Fruit Garden Facility Page:206
11 Livestock breeding in Turkey and in the world. Page: 3
12 Mechanization in animal production. Page: 4
13 Mechanism for feed. Page: 76
14 Milk-based mechanization. Page: 128
15 Student presentations Power point presentation
16-17 Final exam week Question-answer

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