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Plant Protection Equipment * TAM   254 4 3 3 4

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Recommended Optional Programme Components None

Language of Instruction Turkish
Course Level Short Cycle Programmes (Associate's Degree)
Course Type
Course Coordinator Asst.Prof.Dr. Alper SOYSAL
Dr. Öğr. ÜyesiALPER SOYSAL1. Öğretim Grup:A
Dr. Öğr. ÜyesiALPER SOYSAL2. Öğretim Grup:A
To introduce the equipment used to control pest, fungi and weed, design parameters, and to teach calibration and maintenance and selection of plant protection equipment
Methods to control pest, fungi and weed. Chemical application method and main chemicals to control pests, spraying techniques, sprayer parts, types of sprayer, factors which can affect the pesticide application, chemigation, electrostatic spraying, seed treatment equipment, sprayer selection and calibration and maintenance of sprayers

Learning Outcomes

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Course Content
WeekTopicsStudy Materials _ocw_rs_drs_yontem
1 Economic threshold and economic injury level From lecture book, Pages:1-10
2 Classification of agricultural chemicals, pesticide stableness, effect mechanism of pesticide, safety precautions in pesticide applications From lecture book,Pages:11-49
3 Classification of plant protection equipment, spray technique, relationship between droplet size, application volume and coverage rate From lecture book,Pages:50-63
4 Spray characteristics From lecture book,Pages:64-83
5 Relation contact angle of droplet an coverage rate, droplet formation an drift From lecture book,Pages:84-113
6 Operation principle of sprayers and main units of sprayers From lecture book,Pages:114-129
7 Sprayer pumps From lecture book,Pages:130-174
8 Mid-term exam
9 Systems of liquid flow control on sprayers, tanks, sprayer booms, thank filling systems, sprayer nozzles From lecture book,Pages:175-232
10 Calculation energy requirement to atomize the liquid From lecture book,Pages:233-239
11 Hydraulic nozzles From lecture book,Pages:240-281
12 Electrostatic spraying of liquid pesticide From lecture book,Pages:282-308
13 Chemigation From lecture book,Pages:309-319
14 Dust and micro granule applicators From lecture book,Pages:320-325
15 Fumigation and silo sterilization From lecture book,Pages:326-343
16-17 Final exam

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