Course's Contribution To Program
NoProgram Learning OutcomesContribution
Think in algorithmic manner; define problems about material and equipment encountered in the field of diving with fundamental engineering point of view.
Establish technical communication by using technical language in terms of technical drawing and its field.
Gain ability to question the underwater activities, in terms of biological and recreational manner.
Possess awareness in terms of occupational ethics in under water engineering applications.
Take precautions of safety of diving in evaluating problems of underwater engineering works, make experiment, collect data and represent this data and interpret its fundamentals.
To take responsibility and to solve the unforeseeable problems during underwater works
To have and to apply the seamanship knowledge
Work as a team and individually in operations of pipe line laying and maintenance, in search and rescue, in surveying operations, in rescuing of lagans or repairing lagan ships on the water, in underwater construction and repairs, in engineering activitie
To manage a diving operations within the framework of diving techniques and safety knowledge
Use required modern technical material and equipment by taking additional training, renew him/her continuously, show that he/she is aware of long life learning requirement by following occupational and academic developments in the field.
Communicate with his/her colleagues and track data in his/her field by using a foreign language minimum in A2 general level of European Language portfolio.
Obtain ability to plan the process about a system (pressure room, diving system, diving plan, material and equipment selection and erection of them) which would meet requirements of his/her job.