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General Information

Physics department began its undergraduate program as a part of Faculty of Basic Sciences founded in 1976. The name of the department then was "Physics and Space Sciences" and the graduates were awarded the title "physics engineer". After a rearrangement of laws regarding the universities in 1981, the name of the department was changed to "Physics Department" and the department was reorganized to have graduates educated in Physics. Education towards M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees are carried out under the Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences. After a two-year delay the department began to accept undergraduate students in the fall semester of academic year of 2017-2018 where the medium of instruction is Turkish. The previous two programs where in one the education is in Turkish and in the other 30% of the courses are taught in English are also continuing concurrently with the new program.

Length of Programme & Number of Credits

4 Year - 240 ECTS

Feature & Definition

To have graduates who have a basic undestanding of all branches of Physics and who may if they wish so may continue to graduate studies and contribute to scientific development of the country, or who may express themselves in other areas such as teaching physics in high schools or seeking various positions in private institutions. Also to have graduates who are the appliers of scientific developments to the industry and to develop the skills of the students to meet the needs of a changing society.

Mode of Study

Full Time

Head of Department


ECTS / Course Catalog Coordinator


Erasmus Coordinator


Internship Coordinator


Orientation Staff



To prepare individuals who have perceived the basic issues of the Physics Departments, who will continue their graduate education and serve the scientific development of the country, or who can express themselves in other fields (teaching, different positions in private institutions) for society.


To have graduates who may work as teachers, at R-D institutions, at Private Education units, work as a Work safety and health professional, as IT professionals, as sivil servants, at various branches of private companies.

Specific Admission Requirements

Placement through a centralized national university placement examination (ÖSYS). Student Selection and Placement Centre (ÖSYM) is responsible to place students according to their ÖSYS scores.

Qualification Awarded

The students who have successfully completede this program awarded the degree Bachelor of Science in Physics (BSc).

Level of Qualification


Qualification Requirements of Graduation

At the end of the program, as a requirement of the title of Physicist , the students know that the events and also they encounter can be solved with reason and logic according to scientific rules.

Access to Further Studies

The graduates of this program are eligible to apply for admission to graduate studies in same field or related areas if they pass the evaluation process designated according to the regulations of "Çukurova University Graduate Education and Examination Committee", which includes ALES, genera


Internship period is 30 working days. All institutions related to the field of physics, especially educational institutions.

Applied Course

Within the program, there are 6 different student laboratories where applications are made. Applications of various theoretical subjects are made in the laboratories of mechanics, electricity and magnetism, basic electronics, waves and optics, thermodynamics and quantum physics.

Work Placement

To make practical applications in order to raise individuals who can perceive the basic subjects of the Physics Departments and can continue their graduate education and serve the scientific development of the country.

Double Major, Additional Major & Exchange Possibilities

Exchange opportunities of the program; Erasmus+ (Exchange program between European countries), Mevlana (Exchange program between Turkey and all countries of the world), Farabi (Domestic university exchange program).

Employment Opportunities

Program students have many employment opportunities, especially R&D of industry and industry organizations, especially public institutions and education and training institutions.