Guidance and Psychological Counseling (with Thesis)

Master's Degree - Instıtute Of Socıal Scıences

General Information

The Master of Science in Educational Sciences program at the Social Sciences Institute of Çukurova University has been continuing since 1984-1985 academic year. The Department of Guidance and Psychological Counseling has been a part of this program until 2016. In this program, besides the compulsory courses related to scientific research and statistics, there are elective courses related to the field that the students can choose in accordance with their individual interests. There are 2 full-time professors, 3 associate professors, 5 associate professors and 5 doctoral faculty members who can work in the graduate program of the Department of Guidance and Psychological Counseling. The faculty members in the program contribute to the students who are attending the master's program in different subjects thanks to their special study areas (eg school counseling, career counseling, couple and family counseling, child and adolescent counseling etc.).

Length of Programme & Number of Credits

2 Year - 120 ECTS

Feature & Definition

This master's program consists of three compulsory courses in Guidance and Psychological Counseling and many other elective courses. In the first and second semesters, students who have received a master's degree in science are required to take at least 7 courses (21 credits) provided that three are required. In addition, they have to take zorund Seminar ders which is a non-credit course. In the 3rd and 4th semesters, students will carry out their thesis studies. Compulsory courses aim to develop knowledge and skills of scientific research and statistics, and elective courses aim to provide competences within this field of science. When students graduate, they write dipl Guidance and Psychological Counseling olarak as their field in their diplomas. Candidates who will apply to the Master's Program in Guidance and Psychological Counseling at the Department of Educational Sciences should graduate from the Psychology Departments of the Faculties of Education and Psychological Counseling or Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the universities.

Mode of Study

Full Time

Head of Department


ECTS / Course Catalog Coordinator


Erasmus Coordinator


Internship Coordinator


Orientation Staff



Guidance and Psychological Counseling program aims to contribute to the academic development of the students in the area of research and practice. In addition, this program aims to enable individuals working in this field to advance their individual and group psychological counseling skills both theoretical and practical.


Guidance and Counseling graduate program need training as well as in other institutions (justice, industry, health care, rehabilitation, etc.) Of the guidance and counseling services in increasing the quality and educational institutions in Turkey in have a more contemporary structure and function, contribute with experts trained aims to provide.

Specific Admission Requirements

Students can apply to this program providing ALES score, grade point averages and interview in accordance with the regulations of “Çukurova University Graduate Education and Examination Committee” and can pursue their education in their or in related fields.

Qualification Awarded

Students who have successfully accomplished this program gain the master’s degree of Psychological Counseling and Guidance.

Level of Qualification


Qualification Requirements of Graduation

Access to Further Studies

The graduates of this program are eligible to apply for admission to obtain a PhD degree in their or related fields if they pass the evaluation process designated according to the “Regulations of Çukurova University Graduate Studies”, which includes a required ALES score and an adequate English language proficiency.


There is no internship requirement in this program.

Applied Course

Bu programda uygulamalı ders bulunmamaktadır.

Work Placement

Not available for this programme

Double Major, Additional Major & Exchange Possibilities


Employment Opportunities

Graduates of Psychological Counseling and Guidance Master´s Degree Program can find employment in educational, medical, judicial and military institutions as well as social service agencies and organizations with the titles of expert counselor in public and the private sector.