In assessing and evaluating students’ achievements and success, there is also final exam(s) being effective as well as studies of students (assignments, projects, seminars field work, laboratory etc.) and mid-term exam(s). At the beginning of each semester, members of faculty explain the assessment criteria and their ratio to students. The Senate determines the dates of the mid-term and final exams to be announced in 15 days advance.

Assessments of grades are as following;

(a) Mid-term grade is assessed with a combination of mid-term exam(s), and assignments such as a research, field work, and project etc.

(b) Raw achievement scores equals to sum of 40% of mid-term grade and 60% of final exam grade. Raw achievement scores are calculated out of 100 points.

(c) c) Overall achievement score of a student is calculated in accordance with “Cukurova University Relative Evaluation System”. As a result of this evaluation, students will receive a letter grade as an overall achievement score, explanation and coefficient of which are given below.

Achievement Score      Coefficient

AA                                               4.00

BA                                               3.50

BB                                                3.00

CB                                                2.50

CC                                                2.00

DC                                                1.50

DD                                                1.00

FF                                                 0.00

FG                                                0.00

NA                                               0.00

UB                                                0.00

When a student receives any of AA, BA, BB, CB and CC in a course, s/he is considered as successful. When a student receives DC or DD in a course, s/he is considered successful only if her/his GPA (general grade point average) is 2.00 or above. If any student fails at praxis/practicum of any course, s/he receives UB (fail at praxis) which is equivalent of NA.

Success of students is followed through SGPA (semester grade point average) for a semester and GPA for overall. Any student who earns 2.00 or above at the end of the current semester or year is considered successful.

Successful Students

In a normal period of study, students who do not fail at any course in the current and previous semesters and those who did not take any disciplinary penalty are considered as honor students if their SGPA is between 3.00 – 3.49 and as high honor students if their SGPA is between 3.50 – 4.00.

Course Repetition

Any student failing at a course by getting FF, FG, UB or NA, needs to retake the course in the first semester / year that is going to be given again. If those courses are selective or removed from the curriculum, student might take any other course that is suggested by their academic advisor and approved by their academic department.


Course Evaluation

Course instructor calculates the achievement score by giving at least one midterm (or equivalent paper) and one final exam, evaluating projects if applicable.

Achievement scores

One of the following letter grades are given to students as passing grades for each course they have taken.

Achievement score     Coefficient

AA                                             4.00

BA                                             3.50

BB                                              3.00

CB                                              2.50

CC                                              2.00

DC                                              1.50

DD                                              1.00

FF                                                0.00

DZ(non-attending)                  0.00

E(Incomplete)                  -

BL(Successful)                  -

BZ (Unsuccessful)             -

When a student receives any of AA, BA, BB, CB and CC in a course, s/he is considered as successful. Students who receive BL in Seminar and Special Studies are considered successful, those who receive BZ are considered unsuccessful. Students who are unsuccessful in field work, clinic work, and laboratory work are given BZ. Grades BL (successful) or (unsuccessful) are not calculated within general grade point avarage. Students who do not take a final exam because of a valid excuse confirmed by the managing board of the related institute are given E (Incomplete). Those students are given a final exam prior to the beginning of the following semester and the grade is sent to the institute. If the student does not take the exam, the grade (E) is changed to FF.

Achievement Score Averages

At the end of each semester success of students are determined by calculating the average achievement scores. The score is calculated by multiplying ECTS credit of a course by coefficient of the total achievement score. For calculating the semester avarege, the total of grades taken in all courses are divided by the total of ECTS credits of those courses. Grade Point Average is calculated in the same way, by taking all of the courses the student has taken after being accepted to the graduate program. In case of course repetititon, the last grade taken in the course is included in the Grade Point Average.

Students who do not successfully complete courses with credit and seminar, and those whose Grade Point Average are below 2.50 cannot commence on writing thesis.

Students who successfully complete writing their thesis are qualified for a master’s diploma. In programs without thesis, students who successfully complete their courses and semester projects, and those whose Grade Point Average is 2.50 minimum are qualified for a master’s diploma.

Course Repetition

To be considered successful, a master’s student has to take at least “CC” . If a student cannot take “CC” in a required course, s/he has to repeat and succeed that course. When a student is unsuccessful in an elective course, s/he can take another elective course with the suggestion of the advisor and the head of the unit, and consent of the managing board of the institute.

Students can take a course they have already succeeded or can take another course instead of electives accepted by their advisor in order to increase their Grade Point Average. In this case, achievement score of this course is the last grade the student takes.