Seafood Aquaculture

Doctorate Degree - Instıtute Of Natural And Applıed Scıences

General Information

The Aquaculture Program is a program that provides training and management of marine and freshwater fishes and crustaceans of economically important importance, understanding of their diseases and therapies, designing and management of aquaculture facilities.

Length of Programme & Number of Credits

4 Year - 240 ECTS

Feature & Definition

Researches on the sustainability of aquaculture, aquaculture and breeding techniques, methods to combat diseases by developing the theoretical and applied sciences in aquaculture and diseases in the light of scientific and technological developments, The aim of this course is to educate graduates who have access to knowledge and methods and can make evaluations accordingly.

Mode of Study

Full Time

Head of Department


ECTS / Course Catalog Coordinator

Doç. Dr. Hatice Asuman YILMAZ

Erasmus Coordinator


Internship Coordinator


Orientation Staff

Doç. Dr. İbrahim DEMİRKALE


Aquaculture Students will graduate from Ph.D. To be able to solve the problems encountered in Aquaculture sector and to give new ideas to enterprises to increase their earnings and to have the knowledge to establish their own businesses.


The aim of this course is to educate the graduates who are fully equipped in terms of information and application in the field of Aquaculture and will guide the Aquaculture Sector of our country.

Specific Admission Requirements

In order to graduate from this program, it is necessary to successfully complete all courses in the program and have a minimum GPA of 3.50 out of 4.00.

Qualification Awarded

Doctoral degree

Level of Qualification


Qualification Requirements of Graduation

Students who have successfully completed a minimum of 120 ECTS credits at the end of the master's program and successfully prepared their thesis and successfully presented their thesis before the Jury receive a Master's degree with a thesis, and have the "Master of Fisheries Engineer" degree.

Access to Further Studies

Graduates who have successfully completed the PhD program may apply for an academic position to higher education institutions in the same or similar fields, or to an expert position in research centers in public institutions.


There is no internship program in this program.

Applied Course

Some courses have applications in laboratory and/or computer package programs.

Work Placement

Field studies, laboratory applications.

Double Major, Additional Major & Exchange Possibilities

There are no Double Major, Minor and Change Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of this program, in case they get the necessary score from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, State Hydraulic Works and Municipalities, as well as public institutions and organizations can work in aquaculture production and processing facilities and also can make academic career.