In addition to the hospital on campus, Medico-social Unit on campus provides health service for students and staff. The unit offers all kinds of health service including Psychological Counselling and Guidance. The Medico-social Unit is a fully-equipped health centre for students and staff giving physical and mental-health and dental services. The dental policlinic and general policlinic, smoking cessation centre, counselling centre, and Disabled Students Counselling Centre provide service under Medico-Social Unit. The Psychological Counselling and Guidance unit provides solutions about problems of students regarding university conformance, personality, family, friends and education and the unit applies individual, group and family therapy to persons with psychological problems.

There are a lot of state and private hospitals as well as health centres in the city.

International students and staff are required to have a health insurance before they come to Turkey. It is also possible for them to have one through banks or insurance companies when they arrive in Turkey.