In the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences (Business, Economics and Econometrics Departments programmes are available in both English and Turkish) and the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (In Computer Engineering, Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering Departments, the courses are available only in English), the medium of instruction is completely English. The Food Engineering programme of Faculty of Agriculture offers some of the courses in English (30% of courses). The departments of the Faculty of Foreign Languages (German, French and English Language Teaching Departments) offer the courses in the related languages. In these departments, the students have to complete the language preparation programme if they are not proficient enough to start their department programme. In addition, students of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and Biomedical Engineering and School of Tourism and Turkish Programmes should complete one year language preparation programme.

In the programmes where the medium of instruction is Turkish, students, in their first year of education, have to take compulsory foreign language classes three hours a week not less than 56 hours in total.

Language Courses for Foreign Students

For most programmes, International students who wish to study at our university are required to submit a document showing their proficiency in Turkish. Students who can not do so have to complete the Turkish teaching programme given by Cukurova TOMER (The Centre for Teaching Turkish). After the preparation programme, students who have reached the required language proficiency level are eligible to start their education programmes for which they are registered.

Students who study in our university within the framework of Erasmus and Mevlana exchange programmes are offered a 3 hour elementary and advanced level Turkish classes per week. Attendance to these classes is on voluntary basis.