Teaching Art Education

Bachelor's Degree - Faculty Of Educatıon

General Information

Cukurova University Educational Faculty Fine Arts Department chooses and accepts forty five students every year by means of a special aptitude test. The BA program lasts for four years, and the MA program for two years. The medium of instruction in both programs is Turkish. There were 3 professors, 1 associate proffessor, 2 assisstant professors, 7 lecturers and one hundred seventy three BA students in the 2012-2013 academic year. Those who have received their BA degree can teach in primary and secondary schools, or choose to be art advisors or graphic designers. Those who have earned an MA degree are entitled to work as academics in universities as well as doing the jobs mentioned above.

Length of Programme & Number of Credits

4 Year - 240 ECTS

Feature & Definition

Fine Art Education Department; In addition to artistic production, it includes courses covering the disciplines that a qualified visual arts teacher should know, such as art history, art criticism, art theory, art philosophy, art teaching methods. In our program, each pre-service teacher receives specialization in a specific field of art, as well as develops her knowledge and experience in different fields of art by taking education in an art field other than her chosen field of specialization every year. In our program, three main brunch studio (painting, sculpture, graphics) and four elective art studio (painting, sculpture, graphics and printmaking) are taught.

Mode of Study

Full Time

Head of Department


ECTS / Course Catalog Coordinator


Erasmus Coordinator


Internship Coordinator

Arş.Gör.Dr. Handan NARİN

Orientation Staff



The aim of the Fine Art Education Department is; to contribute to the education of the country by training qualified teachers who can support the learning, research, expression and criticism skills of students in different age groups with the activities they carry out in the field of visual arts. A mature art taste in Turkey is to shape a conscious society about art through high-quality visual arts teachers.


The aim of the fine art department is to shape a mature art taste and a conscious art-conscious society in Turkey through qualified visual arts teachers.

Specific Admission Requirements

Students are required to be successful in all courses, practices and studies in the curriculum of the program. A student who has completed at least 240 ECTS credits and has a GPA of at least 2.00 is deemed to have earned the right to graduate. Students who have the right to graduate are awarded a diploma in accordance with the provisions of Article 36.

Qualification Awarded

Bachelor degree

Level of Qualification


Qualification Requirements of Graduation

In order to graduate from this program, it is necessary to have a weighted grade point average of at least 2.00 out of 4.00 and to be successful in all courses.

Access to Further Studies

The graduates of this program are eligible to apply for admission to graduate studies in same field or related areas if they pass the evaluation process designated according to the regulations of "Çukurova University Graduate Education and Examination Committee", which includes ALES, general point of average, and the interview.


In the 4th grade, the students of the Painting Teaching Program are subjected to a 32-week internship training with one semester of school experience course and one semester of teaching practice in the secondary and high school level schools of the State Schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education determined by the Provincial Directorate of National Education. .

Applied Course

Basic Design, Drawing, Main Branch Studio and Elective Branch Studio courses are practice-oriented courses.

Work Placement

Students do internships in schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education for two terms in the 4th grade.

Double Major, Additional Major & Exchange Possibilities

Program students can benefit from Mevlana, Farabi and Erasmus exchange programs. Art Teaching does not offer double major and minor programs.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the program can work as visual arts teachers or technology and design teachers.