Student ID numbers and cards and registration forms are generated by Cukurova University Department of Students Affairs according to the information retrieved from OSYM (Student Selection and Placement Center of Turkey). All registration procedures are conducted by Cukurova University Department of Student Affairs.

Candidate students are responsible to complete the registration procedures in person or With Electronic Record on announced dates by Cukurova University determined by OSYM. In case of force majeure, a notarized representative might complete the registration on behalf of the student. Students are responsible to submit all required documents in registration and those who do not complete the registration on the announced period may lose their rights of registration. Those who apply for evening training programs should pay the registration fee at announced bank branches and submit their Turkish national ID numbers to the bank along with the registration fee.

Students are required to renew their course registration at the beginning of each semester in between the announced dates. Course registration of those who do not complete the registration on the announced dates is possible only if they apply within the first two weeks of the semester/year with a documented reason which would be admitted by The Board of Directors. Those students must complete the registration within five working days after their excuse is approved by the board.