Bachelor's Degree - Faculty Of Educatıon

General Information

Science Education Program trains competent science teachers in the field at the end of four years of undergraduate education covering the fields of life sciences and educational sciences. About science, theoretical and practical courses (labs) in the fields of physics, chemistry and biology are given. Within the scope of educational sciences, theoretical and practical courses are provided to ensure the pedagogical training of the students. Students in the last year, go to the secondary schools designated by the department to do their internship. Graduated students of this department can go on their academic career, and also can work as a science teacher in schools of Ministry of National Education in public and private.

Length of Programme & Number of Credits

4 Year - 240 ECTS

Feature & Definition

This program aims to train science teachers who know and are able to teach how to reach information, can use information in the area of science and technology in daily life, can apply the contemporary teaching methods that allow students to construct their own knowledge, communicate with the people in their social environment effectively, open to innovation, sensitive to the problems of the country and the World, respectful to democratic and ethical values and adopted science as the the most important guide.

Mode of Study

Full Time

Head of Department


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Knowing and teaching the ways of accessing information, using the information in the field of Science and Technology in their daily life, applying modern teaching methods and techniques that allow the student to construct their own knowledge, communicating effectively with people in the social environment, open to change and development, sensitive to environmental, country and world problems, To train science teachers who respect democratic and ethical values and adopt science as the most important guide.


To graduate well-trained Science teachers.

Specific Admission Requirements

Placement through a centralized national university placement examination (ÖSYS). Student Selection and Placement Centre (ÖSYM) is responsible to place students according to their ÖSYS scores.

Qualification Awarded

The students who have successfully accomplished this program gain the bachelor´s degree of Science Education.

Level of Qualification


Qualification Requirements of Graduation

To be successful in this program, students are required to successfully complete all the courses to meet a minimum of 240 ECTS credit requirement and have a minimum of GPA of 2.00/4.00.

Access to Further Studies

The graduates of this program are eligible to apply for admission to graduate studies in same field or related areas if they pass the evaluation process designated according to the regulations of "Çukurova University Graduate Education and Examination Committee", which includes ALES, general point of average, and the interview.


Our students do internship for 2 semesters starting from 4th grade at a middel school contingent on Ministry of National Education.

Applied Course

Bu programda uygulamalı ders bulunmamaktadır.

Work Placement

The students works for non governmental organizations (TEMA, LÖSEV, TEV, AÇEV etc..) voluntarily or make practice in science les

Double Major, Additional Major & Exchange Possibilities

Double major and a minor can be made in Primary

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the program can work as teachers in the Ministry of National Education and private schools and private schools or in Science and Art Centers. They can work as expert or educational technicians in institutions such as private schools. They can also serve as civil servants in different institutions of the state. They can also work in the fields of teaching technology in the private sector. In addition, graduates who continue their master's and doctoral studies can also work as lecturers in universities