Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Programs for National Students

In Turkey, students are placed in Associate's degree and Undergradute programs by a two –phased examination system administered by the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM). The first stage of the examination implemented by the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) is called Higher Education Examination (YGS) while the second one is called Undergraduate Placement Examination (LYS). Canditates who fail receiving scores less than 150 in any kind in YGS examination can’t take LYS examination . Canditates receiving between 150 and 179 shall only opt for Associate's degree and Open University programs of the universities. Those who receive 180 or over, shall opt for Undergraduate programs related to their score types. For detailed information, please visit Students who are entitled to enroll, shall register within the predetermined dates announced by Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) and Çukurova University.

Students are accepted to Çukurova State Conservatory, Teacher Training in Arts and Crafts of Education Faculty, Physical Education and Trainers Education School of Physical Education and Sports and some undergraduate programs by taking a special talent examination. The application conditions for the programs that accept students with the Special Ability Examination are determined by the Senate.

Admission Requirements for Graduate Programs for National Students

Institutes shall demand for the specific requirements concerning the quotas of the programs for the Turkish and International students from the departments, before the beginning of every semester. In line with the demands from the programs, Institutes announce the canditates about the graduate programs, quotas of Turkish and International students, required documents, deadline for application and other matters. Candidates applying for graduate education apply to the concerned institute with the required documents within specified period.

The following are required for application to Graduate programs; students should submit a bachelors degree and Academic Personnel and Graduate Education Exam (ALES); administed by the Higher Education Council of Turkey (YÖK). According to the candidates field of application; a minimum score of 55 or an equivalent score of GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) or GRE (Graduate Record Examination) that corresponds to ALES determined by YÖK is required. ALES scores shall not be taken into consideration in admission to Fine Arts Faculty, Conservatory and graduate programs without thesis. Additionally, the canditate should receive at least 50 on one of the foreign language examinations determined by the Interuniversity Commission or required scores from the examination that the university administers.

General Admission Requirements of the Undergraduate and Graduate Programs for International Students

Cukurova University International Student Selection Examination (ÇÜÖS) is organized for the students applying by their own efforts from abroad for the Undergraduate (first cycle) and Graduate (second cycle) Programs each year. In addition to ÇÜES examinations such as SAT, GCE AL are also valid for application.

International students who are placed in a Turkish program should take the Turkish Proficiency Examination organized by Çukurova TÖMER (Turkish and Foreign Languages Researh and Application Center) or they have to certify C1 levels to start their education in that program. Students who fail to prove Turkish Profficiency at the level of C1 Level shall enroll in the program they are entitled to provided that they will take Turkish Courses at Çukurova TÖMER.

Students who are entitled to register in graduate programs with English teaching language, should submit their English Proficiency Certificate (TOEFL, IELTS, YDS) or should take Preparatory Class Exemption Examination administered by School of Foreign Languages of Çukurova University. For students not having submitted English Proficiency Certificate, having submitted but been rejected, or have failed the Preparatory Class Proficiency Test, regulations of Çukurova University school of Foreign Languages Preparatory Education will be followed.

For international candidates in order to apply to master and doctorate programs (third cycle),; according to the field of application, a minimum score of 55 in ALES, (minimum score of 149 in GRE or 450 in GMAT) is required. Applicants for Graduate programs should achieve a minimum score of 50 in YDS (Foreign Language Exam) in any one of the languages: English, French or German, PhD program applicants should achieve a minimum score of 55 or equivalent score from a language exam accepted by the relevant institute.

For further information regarding International Students’ application conditions please visit

Admission Requirements for Undergraduate and Graduate Programs for Exchange Students

Application and enrollment procedures of incoming students via Erasmus and Mevlana Exchange Programs are executed by the concerned offices (Erasmus and Mevlana) in accordance with the provisions of bilateral agreements and relevant legislation. Procedures of students coming via Farabi, a domestic exchange program, is executed by the Farabi Office.

Students who apply to Çukurova University for Exchange Programs shall send their documents to relevant offices in accordance with the application dates. Incoming documents are sent to the department coordinator regarding which deparment the student is going to study. Selected courses of the students are verified by the department coordinators and put into process.

ECTS credits and academic records are arranged and presented to the students that have completed their education via Exchange Student Programmes at Çukurova University.