Acknowlegment of Former Education in Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate lateral transfers from other universities to Çukurova University are executed according to the provisions of the transfer among associate degree and bachelor’s degree, double major and procedures for Interinstitutional Credit Transfer.

In every academic year, Unit Administrative Boards shall determine the quotas of the lateral transfers for the following year and notify the University Rectorate. After having met the requirements; students who have right for the lateral transfe, shall enroll at Directorate of Students Affairs. Students enrolled in the course, can request for exemption from the courses they had taken before in no later than ten working days. Upon request, the Unit Administrative Board shall determine the pre-taken courses of the student for exemption after consulting to the concerned department. As a result of evaluation, the student may be exempted from the courses taken priorly. In this manner, the student's prior learning is recognized.

Additionally, students graduated from Open Education Associate's Degree Programs and Vocational Schools, are going to be exempted from the courses that they had taken during associate’s degree programs. They will be exempted from these courses as accepted equivalent by the relevant institute. Students’ required-courses in the academic record are determined taking the credits of these courses into consideration. Right for maintaining his/her education is given to the student after having registered to the required courses.

The students making undergraduate and gratuate transfers to foreign language education programs should achive foreign language proficiency exam organized by School of Foreign Languages or have to fulfill the conditions for preparation exemption. Students not having taken the Language Proficeiency Test, or failed, shall attend to the language preperation courses for two semesters. At the end of the preparatory education they are required to be successful in the foreign language proficiency exam.

The students admitted through undergraduate or graduate transfers to a program whose language of instruction is Turkish but at the same time, which has a foreign language preparatory requirement at Cukurova University should achive foreign language proficiency exam realized by School of Foreign Languages or have to fulfill the conditions for preparation exemption. However, irrespective of how successful these students are from the language proficiency test shall continue their education.

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Recognition of prior learning graduate programs

The students who have succesfully completed at least a semester of graduate programs at Çukurova University or other higher education institutions can be admitted to graduate programs through undergraduate transfer taking the positive opinion of the department. The students who have the right for undergraduate transfer after required application, enroll in the relevant institutions.

The students enrolled in the course, may request exemption from courses taken previously within the first four weeks of the semester to the institute they are enrolled. The student's request shall be decided by the board of directors of the relevant institute with the proposal of the advisor and department.

The students who make undergraduate transfers for graduate programs should provide foreign language requirements for the department they apply.

Exchange Programs

The courses taken by the students and the whole term they spend abroad are recognized by our university after the completion of their education abroad or in the country. For this reason, after coming back from the exchange program, academic record of the student is examined according to the education agreement. Certificate of Acknowledgement is prepared for the foreign exchange programs. Afterwards, the academic acknowledgement shall be confirmed. After the student’s return from the university he / she completed the required education, courses and grades received from the institution are processed in the grade system to be displayed in the diploma supplement by the Directorate of Student Affair Office with the decision of the department.

Recognition of Informal (Certificate Based) and Nonformal (Experiential) Learning

For the recognition of prior experience of new coming students a foreign language proficiency exam is held at the beginning of each academic year. All Students who enroll for the first time to the programs where preparatory education is not required and where the medium of instruction is Turkish, shall take the placement test. These examinations are held within the first two weeks of the beginning of each academic year by the School of Foreign Languages of Çukurova University. Students who hold a score of at least CC in this exam shall be considered successful from foreign language courses, and this grade will be reflected in their transcript. Besides, students enrolled in programs where the instruction of language is a foreign language shall take a proficiency test. Students who are successful in this examination are exempted from the foreign language preparatory class and start their freshman programs.