Çukurova University supports all educational activities through information technology. Besides at least one computer-lab in all academic units, all classrooms are equipped with modern educational devices and air conditioning systems. There are also smart boards in some classrooms.


There are 280 labs in academic units of the university to perform course practices and research experiments. Besides these research and application labs, there are 60 computer labs in total for all units.

Classrooms and meeting rooms

A comfortable and healthy environment at our university campus enables students to have their classes in modern classrooms and lecture halls.

Appropriate for the number of students, lecture halls, interactive classrooms, professional skills laboratories, and multidisciplinary laboratories, computer parks with internet connection, recreation and student reading rooms are located in each faculty and unit.

Training Tools and Equipment

Requirements of the educational environments such as projection equipments, computers, overhead projectors, microscopes, laboratory materials, and smart boards are continuously being updated. Students learn the basic professional skills that they could apply on the model in accordance with the principles of humanistic education. Application materials are sufficient to enable demonstration with the variety of subjects and the number of students. Hands-on trainings are carried out by dividing students into small groups.

Convention Centers

There are two convention and exhibition centers with 2000 and 600 people capacity. These centers are equipped with a wide range of technical tools used in scientific and cultural activities. In addition, all faculties and schools have multi-purpose seminar and conference rooms.

Open Air Theatre

Open Air Theatre, with 3.500 people capacity, has a modern architecture and also is used for various activities, especially concerts and plays.


Central Library is the most important support unit for research and education. Central Library has an indoor area of 10 thousand meter squares and has a capacity of 850 readers.

Library building has an indoor area of 10,000 square meters; reading rooms (850 readers can benefit at the same time), single and double 20 private rooms for researchers, one exhibition

and conference room and an internet lounge for the students. The University Central Library is available for all faculty members, students and other staff who need to scan their PC and CD ROM databases.

121,000 printed books and 86,000 volumes of magazines, ongoing subscription to 914 periodicals, 72 full text online database (41,220 electronic journals, 48,170 electronic books), 4 Abstract online database, theses (the number of online access to our thesis above is 800,000) and manuscripts (in the Department of Rare Books: 77 manuscripts and 726 works in printed letters) are available in the library. From the library via Internet, through the National Academy Network, TUBITAK and Information Center (ULAKBIM) are accessible.

With the modern library equipment and services, database subscriptions providing access to the number of magazines makes our library a leader in the region. It is one of the 12 European Union Documentation Centers in Turkey.

Our library provides services not only to its own members but also the environment, especially on weekends, to meet the demands of intensive use of the database. Our library is open from 8:00 a.m. to 22:00 Monday to Friday, between the hours of 10:00 to 17:00 on Saturdays and Sundays. Please click for library web site.

It is possible to reach our resources via internet from outside the Library. With its domestic and abroad networks, our library gives loan and photocopying services.

Cultural Arts Center

Cultural Arts Center creates favorable environments for students to acquire new interests in their leisure time and provides them with monitoring and participating activities related to the fine arts and related activities.