Maden Teknolojisi

Associate Degree - Aladağ Vocatıonal School

General Information

Department of Mining and Mining Extraction, established in 2012. It accepted its first students in the academic year 2014-2015.Mining Technology are given 2-year training program. Mining graduate students receive the title of Technician. Mining Technician; The presence of ore deposits in the earth´s crust are the people who work in the mining engineers to assist in the extraction and enrichment.

Length of Programme & Number of Credits

2 Year - 120 ECTS

Feature & Definition

Programme It is aimed to train the members of profession having knowledge and skill in the field of mining, determining unexpected problems that occur in workplace environment and sorting them out, and having the knowledge of occupational safety, environmental protection, and ethical values. Our graduates could not only find a job in local and foreign private companies doing the business of mineral exploration and extraction, various collieries and metal mines, facilities of mineral processing and enrichment, cement industry, driving various access tunnels, stone and marble quarries, ceramic industry, engineering and consulting offices preparing feasibility project but also work in institutions such as Turkish Coal Enterprises, General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration, General Directorate of Highways, Turkish Iron and Steel Enterprises, and General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works.In addition, Technical Visits to Mining Enterprises, Drilling Trips, General Geology Field Applications are also carried out.

Mode of Study

Full Time

Head of Department


ECTS / Course Catalog Coordinator


Erasmus Coordinator


Internship Coordinator


Orientation Staff



To train students as technical staff who are equipped with knowledge and skills about mining and machinery and equipment used in the related mining processes, solve the problems that may occur at any stage of mining, follow closely the evolving technology, working by taking up-to-date information on occupational health and safety regulations into account, protect the environment and have professional ethics.


To train students as mining technicians who are well educated in the field of mining, transform technical knowledge into practice in every work that they do, make the best use of our country's natural resources, help running the business within the scope of codes of conduct, take all precautions concerning occupational health and safety or have knowledge and background that are helpful for their control, possess the capability of taking environmental precautions in all activities and get equipped with contemporary knowledge.

Specific Admission Requirements

Successfully passing the exam organized by OSYM and gaining the right to enroll in the program based on the TYT score.

Qualification Awarded

Mining Technician

Level of Qualification


Qualification Requirements of Graduation

In order to complete the program and graduate as a mining technician, students must complete at least 120 ECTS credits and have a GPA of at least 2.00. Students who have the right to graduate are awarded a diploma in accordance with the provisions of Article 36 of Çukurova University Associate and Undergraduate Education and Examination Regulations. GPA is also the graduation grade point average.

Access to Further Studies

On condition that they pass External Transfer Exam, the students successfully completing their associate degree could enroll in these undergraduate programmes: Mining Engineering, Geological Engineering, Mineral Processing Engineering, and Metallurgical and Materials Engineering.


With the approval of the Internship Committee, students can do internship in public/legal/private institutions, organizations and workplaces for 30 working days. These organizations are; It can be aboveground or underground public/corporate/private mining enterprises, ore preparation and/or enrichment facilities, marble quarries and processing plants, cement quarries or operating facilities, dams, tunnels and subway works, drilling mine research or production facilities, quarries. It is obligatory to have at least one official with a bachelor's degree in mining engineering at the institution/workplace where our students will do their internship.

Applied Course

Bu programda uygulamalı ders bulunmamaktadır.

Work Placement

Bu programda işyeri eğitimi bulunmamaktadır.

Double Major, Additional Major & Exchange Possibilities

Students can benefit from Erasmus exchange opportunities. Our students can find the application requirements for this program on the Çukurova University website "". Double major opportunity; If they apply, students with outstanding success can successfully pass the courses of a second program with a content close to their main program and receive a double diploma.

Employment Opportunities

He can work as a technician in public and private enterprises where all mining activities are carried out. The working areas of our students who are mining technicians are; Mines, all facilities working on metallurgy, General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA), cement factories, quarries and marble factories, companies working on iron and steel and special mining applications (drilling, tunnel, dam, mine exploration works etc.) .