Classroom Teaching

Doctorate Degree - Instıtute Of Socıal Scıences

General Information

Ph.D Program in Primary School Education is a thesis program that was opened in the spring semester of the 2015-2016 academic year. The program is aimed at teachers working in primary education and those who aim to become experts or academics by having a high level of education in this field. Mostly, it is aimed to train instructors who will carry out the pre-service vocational training of classroom teachers. Although the language of instruction is Turkish, students who want to participate in the program are expected to have foreign language skills that can easily follow and comprehend the relevant international literature.

Length of Programme & Number of Credits

4 Year - 240 ECTS

Feature & Definition

The program is 4 years. For students admitted with a master's degree, at least seven credit courses with at least 21 credits and not less than 240 ECTS in total; consists of seminar course, specialization courses, proficiency exam, thesis proposal and thesis study. Credit courses in the program are elective. In addition to the elective courses in the program, students can also take courses from different institutes and branches of science in accordance with their interests and abilities. Graduates are certified as TYÇÇ 8th Level, EQF-LLL 8th Level, QF-EHEA 3rd Level.

Mode of Study

Full Time

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The primary aim of the program is to prepare students for teaching and research staff at universities, for research, program, supervision and management duties in private schools, public schools and various units of the Ministry of National Education, and to train researchers who know the scientific process and have ethical and democratic values, think creatively, critically and analytically, have developed lifelong learning skills, and are environmentally friendly and sensitive to social problems.


The program aims to train experts and academics who can renew themselves according to the requirements of the age, are open to change and development, perceive science as a way of life, are self-confident, and follow and apply international knowledge. In addition, it will contribute to the training of specialist individuals who have the knowledge, skills, attitudes and experience to do education, training and high-level original research, think critically, have high self-confidence, and have the ability to follow scientific research methods and innovations in their field on a national and international scale.

Specific Admission Requirements

Doctoral education consists of three parts: course, proficiency exam and thesis work. Students admitted to the program must take and successfully complete at least 24 credits (120 ECTS credits) and be successful in the doctoral proficiency exam, which includes the written and oral exam. Students who are successful in the proficiency exam must prepare a doctoral thesis within the scope of the Special Subjects course (120 ECTS) under the direction of an advisor appointed by the Department and be successful in the thesis exam.

Qualification Awarded


Level of Qualification


Qualification Requirements of Graduation

To successfully complete the courses of the program and to be successful in the thesis study.

Access to Further Studies

Students who successfully complete the program can continue their post-doctoral studies


There is no internship course within the scope of the program.

Applied Course

The practical percentage of the courses included in the program is explained within the scope of the course.

Work Placement

There is no workplace training requirement under the program.

Double Major, Additional Major & Exchange Possibilities

Students in the program can benefit from University Exchange Programs.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the program can be employed in the teaching and research staff of universities, private schools, public schools and various units of the Ministry of National Education with the title of doctor in research, program, supervision and management tasks.