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General Information

Çukurova University, Institute of Social Sciences, Finance Doctorate Program has started educational activities and student admission in the Fall Semester of the 2019-2020 Academic Year. Finance Doctorate program aims to train qualified doctor candidates needed by the public and private sectors. For this purpose, it applies an analysis-oriented training program built on basic knowledge in the fields of finance theory, financial economics, budget and financial law. The conditions for applying to the Ph.D. program in Finance are to have successfully completed the master's program with thesis, to have received at least 55 points from the equal weight in the ALES exam, and to have received at least 55 points from the YDS, respectively. (The YDS scores of the foreign language exams determined by the Interuniversity Board other than YDS, equivalent to 55 points from YDS, are determined by YÖK.) Admission conditions to our Finance Doctorate program are dependent on the success of the candidates who meet the application requirements in the written and oral exams. In this context, 50% of the candidates' ALES score, 20% of the undergraduate graduation grade point average, 10% of the graduate graduation grade point average, 5% of the foreign language score and 15% of the written and oral exam results are taken. score is calculated. Candidates with a PhD entrance score of 70 or more are admitted to the doctoral programs in order of points, within the framework of the quota.

Length of Programme & Number of Credits

4 Year - 240 ECTS

Feature & Definition

Our Finance doctorate program covers the discipline of Finance. However, this doctoral program includes balanced courses from the four main disciplines of Finance, namely Finance Theory, Financial Economics, Fiscal Law and Budget and Fiscal Planning. This doctoral program aims to provide the ability to conduct independent research in the field of finance, to conduct theoretical and applied studies, to interpret financial events with a broad and deep perspective, and to determine the necessary steps to reach new syntheses. The thesis, which will be prepared at the end of the doctoral study, must fulfill one of the qualifications of bringing innovation to the field of finance, developing a new scientific method in this field and applying a known method to a new field. Finance doctorate program includes compulsory and elective courses aimed at gaining the qualifications in the field of finance science.

Mode of Study

Full Time

Head of Department


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Internship Coordinator

Orientation Staff



The aim of the finance doctorate program is to provide advanced skills in financial law, financial economics, budget and fiscal theory to those who will work as specialists in private sector organizations, especially in the public sector; It can be listed as increasing the student's ability to access information, evaluate and interpret information by doing scientific research. However, the main purpose of the Finance Doctorate program is Çukurova University İ.İ.B.F. To train qualified faculty members in response to the academic staff needs of our Finance Department, which is included in the scope of the study. This program also aims to train qualified faculty members not only for our own university but also for many public and foundation universities within the borders of the country.


The goal of the Finance Doctorate Program is; Having a good command of financial legislation, following new developments in the field of finance and keeping up with rapid changes, having analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, having the potential to shape the age, gaining advanced knowledge and skills in financial, social and economic issues, interpreting and evaluating emerging economic relations and events. To train individuals with advanced knowledge.

Specific Admission Requirements

As stated in Çukurova University Postgraduate Education Regulation, at least 7 courses in order to obtain a doctorate degree; seminar course, specialization courses, proficiency exam, thesis proposal and thesis work must be successfully completed. The seminar course is held during the course period. Course period including specialization courses and seminar cannot be less than 60 ECTS and 21 credits. The thesis period, including specialization courses, is 120-180 ECTS. Provided that at most two of the courses were not taken during the graduate education, they can be selected from the graduate courses. Students who successfully complete the course and thesis periods are entitled to receive the title of "Doctor of Finance" from the Finance Doctorate Program.

Qualification Awarded

In order to graduate from this program, it is necessary to be successful in all courses, seminars and doctoral thesis.

Level of Qualification


Qualification Requirements of Graduation

In order to graduate from this program, it is necessary to be successful in all courses, seminars and doctoral thesis.

Access to Further Studies

No post-doctoral education degree


There is no compulsory internship application within the scope of the program.

Applied Course

There are no compulsory applied courses within the scope of the program.

Work Placement

There is no compulsory workplace training within the scope of the program.

Double Major, Additional Major & Exchange Possibilities

Erasmus student exchange program is implemented

Employment Opportunities

Students who successfully complete the Finance Doctorate Program can successfully carry out their academic activities as academicians in all public and foundation universities, especially in the academic world of science. In addition, they can engage in all kinds of activities in which they can use the necessary competencies in parallel with their education in the private and public sectors. Today, many professionals (Tax Inspectors and Income Specialists, etc.) take a doctorate degree from finance programs and move up the career ladder more confidently and quickly.