Some programmes in our university require internship in order for the students to combine the theoretical knowledge and experience. Students can not get a diploma or graduation certificate unless they have fulfilled the obligations of internship even if they successfully complete all the courses.

Internships are made under the guidance of internship coordinators. Students who complete their internship deliver their internship files to the related unit coordinator. Training files are assessed by internship committees or coordinators in the relevant units for the grades to be located in the student transcripts.

Engineering programmes

Internships are carried out during the summer months in the programmes of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Faculty of Agriculture, and Faculty of Fisheries. Either the students themselves or department internship coordinators in these faculties can determine the institutions for students’ internship. The internship period ranges from 20 to 33 days depending on the particular programme.

Education Faculties Programmes

Internships, under the names of ‘the school experience’ or ‘teaching practice’ are carried out in the fall and spring semesters during the term periods. For this purpose, students attend public schools or private schools for internship training in a full day or two half days per week.

Faculty of Health, Medicine and Dental Programmes

Faculties have a clinical internship programmes which have to be completed in the institutions that has equivalence, in their hospitals in the country or abroad.

The details of the processes in different degree programmes can be found in the catalogs of training courses.