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General Information

The importance of early childhood education for the development of individuals and society is accepted both in Turkey and in the world. Early childhood education is tried to be more popularized throughout the world. This programme aims to train pre-school teachers with necessary skills, knowledge, behaviours and habits so that they can work in pre-schools and kindergardens. The graduates of this programme can also work in private day cares, private kindergardens as well as government sponsored early childhood institutions.

Length of Programme & Number of Credits

4 Year - 240 ECTS

Feature & Definition

In Early Childhood education Programme, through contemporary teaching and learning techniques, early childhood education teachers are trained to be creative , innovative, competent in effective teaching methods, and skilled in all areas of teaching and education. In this programme, content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, general culture and elective courses are provided.

Mode of Study

Full Time

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The main aim of Preschool Education Department is to train preschool teachers who have basic knowledge, skills, behaviors and habits for kindergartens and kindergartens. In the Preschool Education Department, using modern education techniques; Pre-school teachers who adopt creative, innovative and effective educational methods and have the necessary infrastructure to apply these methods and have experience in practice are trained. The aim of the program is to train preschool teachers who can apply contemporary teaching methods and techniques, are open to development and change, sensitive to environmental, country and world problems, can provide education in accordance with the individual characteristics of children, respect democratic and ethical values and advance in the light of scientific knowledge.


Faculty's vision and democratic in line with the mission, secular, holds above all: What the rule of law, Ataturk's principles and reforms of the close-knit, protector of human rights and freedoms, the language between individuals, religion, race, color, sex, discrimination, philosophical belief, Republic of Turkey It is aimed to raise peaceful, productive and harmonious generations that are respectful to all kinds of opinions and thoughts recognized by the Constitution, where there is an environment of peaceful, innovative, free thinking and civilized discussion, always aware of their responsibilities, sensitive to the problems of the country and the world, defending the indivisible integrity of their country. In the Preschool Education Department, it is aimed to train teachers who are sensitive to social problems and needs, who can provide a teaching service that is updated in line with these needs, who can develop projects and community service practices for these problems and needs, who have adopted the ethical values ​​of the profession and can be a role model for society in line with these principles.

Specific Admission Requirements

This program provides education at the undergraduate level.

Qualification Awarded

Students who successfully complete this program are awarded a Preschool Education undergraduate diploma.

Level of Qualification


Qualification Requirements of Graduation

To be successful in this program, students are required to successfully complete all the courses to meet a minimum of 240 ECTS credit requirement and have a minimum of GPA of 2.00/4.00.

Access to Further Studies

Students who successfully complete their undergraduate education from this program can pursue postgraduate education in their field or related fields provided that they have a valid grade from the ALES exam and have sufficient English language knowledge within the framework of the "Ç.U. Graduate Education and Training Regulation".


In order for our undergraduate students to gain experience in the field, a two-semester Teaching Practice course is offered by our department. Cooperation is made with kindergartens affiliated to the Ministry of National Education in order for students to perform their official internship practices. Within the scope of the Teaching Practice course, cooperation is made with kindergartens affiliated to the Ministry of National Education so that students can perform their official internship practices.

Applied Course

The Social Maintenance Practice course includes social projects based on practice.

Work Placement

Students are prepared for their professional life with the intensity of the practical courses.

Double Major, Additional Major & Exchange Possibilities

Undergraduate students are offered the opportunity to do a Double Major Program in Classroom Teaching and Psychological Counseling and Guidance programs.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates are mostly employed in public and private preschools, kindergartens, day care centers and kindergartens under primary education affiliated to the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Family and Social Services.